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The BISON generator gets the fun started and keeps it going strong. They’re great for tailgates, camping, RV trips, and more. They’re also great for home backup power! Combining quiet, easy-starting Honda engines with a host of innovative features, BISON generators are at the forefront of portable power technology. Therefore, BISON leisure portable generators are often loved by RV enthusiasts!

BISON brings customers around the world our guide to the quietest portable RV generators, including generators with remote start and electric start, and the best small, quiet RV generators.

An RV generator provides creature comforts no matter where you are! Find RV generators and more at BISON.

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BISON Generator for RV

You’ll find everything you need to know on BISON when it comes to RV generators. At BISON, we want to give you a wide range of the top RV generators available so you can pick the one that’s ideal for you.

Remember to take a portable generator with you when you go camping. There are many great portable RV generators on the market today. Each of these generators is suitable for different purposes based on its size, wattage, voltage, and price. Some people need an inexpensive generator, while others need one that can deliver a lot of power. A generator connected to a solar panel can even harness the power of the sun!

You can get all the information you need to choose the best generator for your RV right here.

Generator for RV basics

BISON Generators many benefits and applications make them an essential part of the camping experience. If you want to use your RV’s appliances or charge your phone, a reliable generator is a need. Finding the best RV generators is a must for every RV owner because of their overall convenience.

They are available in a range of styles and according to their individual qualities. Some generators you can use to power your RV’s microwave or mini-fridge, while others are powerful enough to charge your cell phone.

First-time RV generator users can be confused by these devices. By guiding you through the process, we hope to reduce these complications. We’ll discuss several related topics about these useful devices in this guide.

corrosion resistant

RV generators are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and galvanized steel. They are also coated with an anti-rust coating, making them highly resistant to various types of corrosion. durable and versatile

Fully Customizable

BISON can customize different RV generators according to your requirements. Every aspect of an RV generator can be personalized to suit your needs. Their dimensions and other specifications can be fully customized.


mass production

BISON has advanced manufacturing machines for mass production of RV generator manufacturing. We supply high quality generators and accessories precision manufactured to your specifications.


Low Cost

We offer a variety of services for your RV generator at super prices. We make sure to produce better quality and more reasonable models. All of our RV generators require less maintenance. They are also easy to install and service.

BISON: chinese generator manufacturer

BISON Chinese RV generator suppliers

BISON offers unique advanced technologies that make RV generators your unique choice. You can customize your own unique RV generator according to your needs.

We provide generator production services to RV enthusiasts around the world. Our custom RV generator services include custom gasoline generators, diesel generators, portable generators, home generators, three-phase generators, and more.

BISON will work with you to develop a manufacturing strategy that fits your budget.


BISO is a professional Chinese generator expert providing RV generator manufacturing and wholesale services to global customers. We have been an expert in China RV generator manufacturers for many years.

By offering RV generator manufacturing, we can manufacture different generator accessories with outstanding precision. All final generators are designed according to your requirements. Every generator accessory is ideal for restoration, repair and replacement.

We are fully capable of producing unique but cheaper customized products. We are supported by advanced machines. With decades of experience, BISON provides precise and aesthetically pleasing designs for your projects.

BISON - chinese RV generator wholesale
Our team specializes in RV generator manufacturing to manufacture high quality RV generators. If you need to buy, please choose BISON as your supplier in China.
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BISON Generator for RV purchase Guide

To assist you in making an informed power generator purchase, we’ve created a buyer’s guide to answer all your questions and some you might have yet to think to ask.

There are many different kinds of generators, and not all of them are the same. Different sizes, shapes, power outputs, and functions are available.

When shopping for an RV generator, you should consider several factors. Each of these criteria presents a question for the buyer. They can direct you to a generator that meets your demands and does more based on the answers you provide. A discussion of these criteria follows.

Conventional or inverter generators for RV

Traditional generators are powered by a simple motor that runs at a constant speed. It may not be the best choice for some modern electronics due to its sensitivity to surges. Sudden changes in current can severely damage modern electronics, causing short circuits. Most generators today are inverters.

Power output

Do you require a specific quantity of power? You need something that can power your most important RV appliances and equipment because you’ll be utilizing your generator for RV-related activities.

The generator output is measured in watts. (Generator Running Watts Vs Starting Watts)

To charge sensitive electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops, there are generators specially designed for this purpose. Some generators can also handle running microwave ovens and air conditioning units. It’s just a matter of understanding the difference. When it comes to power, you should take into account the type and output of the generator.

The two main types of generators are standard and inverter generators. A standard generator runs at a set speed from on to off. Workplaces or events can benefit from this. This is a simple power supply.

Inverter generators use a microprocessor to monitor each change in load. As these changes occur, the power output is automatically adjusted. As you charge your laptop and watch TV, your output stays the same. When you’re done using the microwave, the power output adjusts, so you only need to power your laptop and TV.

Inverter generators are advantageous for laptops and microwaves because they shield them from damaging electrical surges.

Generators with an output of 1kW to 3kW are suitable for motorhomes, while campsite generators only need enough power to run a phone or speakers. Generator output may be higher depending on how many appliances you want to run with the generator and how many RV outlets you have.

Portable or permanent

The most popular type of RV generator is portable. Camping, tailgating, and using a portable generator at home are all great uses for a portable generator.

A permanent generator is also available, available at the touch of a button. A permanent generator is mounted directly on the RV unit and is usually connected to an onboard fuel source or an RV backup battery. Although they are more expensive and often require professional installation, they are easier to use.


Compact generators range in size from 10 to 15 inches, making them ideal for camping. Of course, larger generators are also available. When camping, you’ll be carrying a lot of other gear, so it’s best to have a compact one.


A generator for an RV should be lightweight. This makes transporting by hand easier and has a smaller footprint. RV generators can be purchased that weigh under 25 pounds, and some are even lighter.

Portability is also affected by location. Is it for RV use only? Is it going to be used for camping or backup power in case of a power outage? You can find a generator that does all or some of these things, but you need to know what you’re looking for ahead of time.

Some of them are portable but without wheels. They need to be charged separately. Weighing is one of the most critical factors in “portability”. Do generators need to be picked up by themselves? Can you do it? Before purchasing a generator, check its weight.

Noise level

To avoid being asked to turn off your generator when camping with it, your generator for RV must not exceed 70 decibels. Depending on the park, these guidelines may vary. Noise levels between 60 and 70 decibels are generally considered acceptable.

Fuel type

Generators for RVs are usually powered by natural gas. However, some generators are powered by liquid propane or diesel. Still, others are powered by two different fuel sources, such as gas or liquid propane.

Two BISON generators placed on the sand

Fuel consumption

It is also important to consider the fuel consumption of each generator for RV. Knowing how often you need to replenish these devices is important. Additionally, RV owners should only choose models that require short distances to obtain fuel.

Camping enthusiasts who enjoy their gear far from civilization should consider this when making their decision. Also, it is advisable to purchase a generator with an eco-friendly mode that only throttles power when needed.

Another critical point to consider is that open-frame generators burn fuel faster than top portable generators. Models with an open frame generally use more fuel because they often run at high power.

Therefore, two portable devices with parallel functions are more cost-effective than one open device.

Reliability and durability

Durability and reliability are the next two things to consider for a generator for an RV. In an emergency, you don’t want your generator to fail. Therefore, choosing a brand with a good warranty and industry recognition is crucial.


More expensive generators have more features, put out more power, and are generally quieter.

This is where you have to decide if the extra cost to get more features and features is worth it.

Purchasing a generator is costly for an RV owner. You’re going to have to spend money on these devices, and it’s affecting your finances more than you’d like. Still, a generator is an indispensable tool for exploring the neighborhood.

Therefore, you should purchase the most affordable option. It will include determining your budget based on your needs. However, you should ensure your budget is realistic and consider every feature you want.

By staying within your budget, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and make your options more manageable. This will simplify the entire purchasing process as you only need to choose the generator that meets your needs.

BISON camping car generator


Portable generators for RV have come a long way thanks to the development of variable frequency generator technology. According to the needs, the variable frequency generator can adjust the throttle of the engine.

As a result, the generator does not have to run at full speed all the time, reducing pollution and lowering fuel consumption. By choosing a variable frequency generator, you can save on fuel costs and reduce pollution emissions.


Quality assurance is crucial when you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a generator for your RV. If you intend to use a portable generator while traveling full-time, its guarantee ought to be applicable throughout the country. To ensure your warranty is valid nationwide, you should purchase your generator from a major retailer.


So there you have it, a complete guide to help you choose the right generator for your RV. BISON is the original equipment manufacturer of generators for RV and other needs. If you want to purchase generators for RV in bulk at a wholesale rate, contact us today.

generator for RV FAQ

generators can power equipment like refrigerated coolers, grills, lights, fans, and heaters, making your campground feel more like home. backpackers will have to use a power bank, but a car and RV camping can get major upgrades from generators.

it depends on how much power you use. add up the power consumption of each device you plan to plug in, consider how long you’ll be using it, and go from there. think about how much fuel or solar energy you need.

you can use some compact generators to charge phones and run fans in your tent.

if your camping generator runs on fuel, it emits carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous to your health if used in a poorly ventilated area. ideally, these should be used at least 20 feet away from the tent.

avoid running your camping generator outdoors when it’s raining to prevent electrocution. camping generators must be properly grounded, so use them in a well-ventilated RV or tent when it rains.

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