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BISON Company is a leading provider of high-quality generators for a variety of industries.

Get the best quality large, medium and small diesel generators from BISON. Whether it is version, model or function, BISON can meet your requirements.

Custom small diesel power Generators

Diesel or diesel-powered devices are not the most typical type in existence, but they are a suitable replacement for traditional portable devices that run on gasoline. similar to vehicles, equipment that runs on diesel is more fuel-efficient, which is just one of the advantages of this alternative.

We have used high-quality metals in the development process. we used stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. they are well-built units, able to withstand all weather conditions, applications and vandalism. plus, these mobile generator are so easy to install that they don’t even require professionals or special tools.

BISON serves as your reliable portable diesel generator suppliers in China, offering aesthetically appealing designs and captivating choices. These generators are ideal for use in residential buildings, airports, pet care centers, eateries, commercial offices, hospitality establishments, shopping centers, cinemas, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

If your business or project requires a portable, quiet, small, diesel generator, you’ll find the complete line at BISON. We sell the best diesel generators in China. We welcome you to BISON generator company to discover more generators 

BISON small diesel generator manufacturing company

why choose BISON small diesel generator manufacturer

OEM diesel generator manufacturer

Due to its solid structure, elegant shape and design, diesel generators are one of BISON’s best-selling products. No matter what generator you need, we’ll help you find the right product for your project.

In addition, BISON can design custom diesel generators for different purposes and needs, such as:

You can find everything you need at BISON Generator!

small diesel generator Custom Projects

As your experienced small generator manufacturer in China, we can provide a one-stop solution for your customized small and inverter and other types of diesel generator needs.

You can choose the material of stainless steel, aluminum or steel. Request a custom surface coating for a smoother appearance and more corrosion-resistant properties. We can also etch your logo on the surface of the generator to promote your brand.

Also, we can customize generator color, size and package. From initial design to fulfillment of your order, we never leave you behind. We work in our in-house manufacturing facility to ensure cost-effective and high-precision production.

diesel vs gasoline generator: Advantages of Diesel Generators

1. Diesel is safer

Compared with gasoline, diesel is safer because it has less chance of ignition. This means that the risk of fire is reduced. However, regardless of the fuel, you should always consider the risk of fire.

2. Fuel efficiency

Diesel engines are generally more efficient than gasoline engines. In some cases, the amount of fuel consumed by diesel engines is half that of gasoline substitutes. This means that when running at the same capacity, the diesel generator runs longer.

3. Cheaper fuel

Although fuel prices continue to fluctuate, diesel is generally cheaper than gasoline, which means that if you choose a diesel engine, your generator will be cheaper to run.

4. Persistent

In tests comparing gasoline generators and diesel generators, the performance of diesel generators is generally better than that of gasoline generators. In some cases, the service life of diesel generators is three times that of gasoline generators.

5. Reduce maintenance

Although diesel generators usually require less maintenance, remember to change the oil regularly. In comparison, gasoline generators require more maintenance because you need to replace spark plugs and oil regularly. For older generators, you also need to rebuild the carburetor regularly.

BISON: One-Stop diesel generator Fabrication Services

Factory Price small diesel generators for sale

BISON small diesel generators have a long service life and greater power, making them a popular choice for our customers. at BISON, we provide gasoline, diesel and inverter generators. our diesel generators range from household generators to heavy duty diesel generators, so you can find the perfect solution to meet your power needs.

Regardless of whether it is diesel or gasoline generators, bison has a one-year warranty.

Our team is here to help you. we are industry experts and can find the ideal power supply for you according to your requirements, budget and purpose. contact our team for the latest recommendations and the best generators on the market. send an email to [email protected] for more information.


choose BISON Portable diesel generator

BISON portable diesel generators have wheels for easier transportation.

If you want a longer running time, this may be the best small diesel generator for you.

The huge fuel tank means you can use the generator for more than 32 hours at half load.

Starting the generator is easy, you can choose recoil pull start or simple button electric start.

BISON remote start usually includes a 32A battery, and you can even choose to start it remotely. Five-in-one display.

The control panel includes a chronograph, a 120/240V selector switch, a 23 amp main circuit breaker, a 30 amp button circuit breaker, two 20 amp button circuit breakers, four 120 volt 20 amp sockets and two 120 volt sockets .

BISON provides small diesel generator manufacturing services to a variety of industries. for many years, we have been experts in manufacturing and supplier generators in china.

We can manufacture different small & mini generator accessories with excellent precision by providing generator manufacturing. all final generators are designed according to your requirements. every generator accessory is ideal for restoration, repair and replacement.

we are fully capable of producing unique but cheaper customized products. advanced machines support us. with decades of experience, BISON provides precise and aesthetically pleasing designs for your projects.

Discover BISON’s range of power generators. Versatile and flexible, robust, compact and reliable generators for sale.

BISON - OEM diesel generator manufacturer from china
our team specializes in generator manufacturing to manufacture high quality generators. if you need to buy, please choose BISON as your supplier in China.
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BISON diesel generator Purchasing Guide

When it comes to generators, diesel power generators are by far the most popular. Especially in larger backup generator installations; diesel is the only way out.

But for smaller generators, you can also choose a gasoline engine. Here we will look at the benefits of choosing a diesel generator instead of a gasoline generator.

Many major brands offer diesel options. The reason behind the popularity of small diesel generators is the many benefits they bring. Therefore, whether you are looking for a continuous power supply or an emergency backup generator, here are the reasons why diesel generators are an excellent choice.

Portable Diesel Generator

Types Of  diesel Generators

Generator models are mainly divided into three types: portable, inverter, and household. All of these generators have long-term use features.

  1. Portable Generator
  2. Inverter Generator
  3. household Generator

portable generator

It sits comfortably in all places and is mainly used in local shops such as hotels, shops, car and bike showrooms.

Portable generators (such as internal combustion engines) come in a wide range of capacities, can conduct electricity, plug into appliance and tool outlets, have sub-panels for wired facilities.

The portable generator is powerful enough to run the TV, air conditioner, computer, and refrigerator, so the engine should run at 3600 rpm for 18 hours.

Inverter Generator

The inverter generator produces more AC power per engine revolution, so the raw power is converted to DC.

Inverter generators run from 2800 to 3100 watts – weight is 96.6 lbs, 3100 to 3400 watts – 95 lbs, 2600 to 3000 watts – 90 lbs, 2800 to 3100 watts – 81 lbs.

Mainly used in local stores such as homes, hotels, shops, car and bicycle showrooms and commercial buildings.

household generator

A home generator is a form of backup power that is often used with facilities such as a home, camper, or boat. Home generators can provide electricity to meet the basic needs of a home or other facility when the main electricity supply is interrupted

More choices

Diesel generators account for more than 60% of the generator market size. Because they are so popular, the market favors them, so when looking for new generators for sale or second-hand generators for sale, there are more choices. At BISON, we have a variety of diesel generators to choose from.

Portable diesel generators are an excellent solution for temporary home backup and remote site use.

characteristics of the three generators

The main advantage of a diesel generator is that it provides excellent fuel efficiency, which means you will get a longer running time and reduce overall fuel consumption.

Before you go out and buy the first (or cheapest) diesel generator you see, it is important to realize that not every diesel generator is reliable.

All engines require a combination of fuel and air to operate. This is because diesel engines compress air before ignition, rather than gas engines that mix fuel and air first.

The compression of diesel engines results in better fuel efficiency. This means that in addition to requiring less fuel, diesel engines can run for longer periods of time. If you have been running your generator, in the long run, the operating cost of a diesel generator will be lower than that of a gas generator, based only on fuel costs.

These differences are even more pronounced when comparing diesel generators with propane generators. Propane engines use approximately three times as much fuel as diesel engines.

In addition to lower operating costs, diesel also has the advantage of being the least flammable type of fuel. This is particularly important in certain types of natural disasters.

On the ground by the roadside when camping

Another advantage of diesel generators over gas generators is their life expectancy.

Because gas generators tend to run hotter than diesel generators, they tend to crash and need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Diesel generators require less regular maintenance. One reason is that they do not have a carburetor or spark plug.

One disadvantage of diesel compared to natural gas and propane is that diesel generators tend to be noisier.

In other words, diesel generators are much quieter than before. Especially the BISON silent generator. Of course, BISON also has an open frame diesel generator. This has certain advantages, such as a more affordable price. But there is also the disadvantage of being louder.

Compared with propane, the disadvantage of gasoline and diesel is that the exhaust gas cannot burn cleanly. Propane is a clean burning fuel source, so it has less impact on the environment.

BISON OEM diesel generator manufacturer from china

At BISON, we have a series of excellent diesel generators, which are professionally designed to provide you with a stress-free experience, because you do not need to deal with high levels of noise when the generator is running, BISON Silent Diesel Generator series.

Therefore, if you find that you have no electricity, our diesel generators can automatically switch to ensure that your home, garage or workshop will never be powered off. This is all thanks to the ATS (Automatic Transmission Function), which is able to turn on the diesel generator in the event of a power failure, and it will turn off once your regular power supply is restored.

Don’t wait until the next power outage to get ready before ordering a new diesel generator, contact [email protected] now for a quick order!

small diesel generator FAQ

Diesel generators are more efficient than gasoline generators. This is mainly because they don't burn much fuel to generate power and have a high compression ratio. As a result, diesel generators require less fuel to run, making them an excellent choice for buyers looking for cost-effectiveness.

How long can a diesel generator run for? A large standby generator with constant diesel supply can run for about 500 hours before it is recommended that you let it cool down and check it out. If you want to run your generator uninterrupted for a long time, this will be your best choice.

How big a generator do I need to run a house? With generators rated at 5,000 to 7,500 watts, you can run even the most critical household equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, well pumps, and lighting circuits. A 7,500-watt generator can run all of this at the same time.

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