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OEM BISON generator is a high performance, high efficiency and high reliability power generating equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial use. The generator adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure the stable operation and long service life of the product.

OEM BISON generators provide comprehensive after-sales service, including:

Choose OEM BISON generator to bring convenience and security to your life and work.

oem generator

Choose OEM BISON generator to bring convenience and security to your life and work.

Generator type customization

We can provide different types of generators according to customer needs, such as diesel generators, gasoline generators, natural gas generators, etc.

Customization of power range

According to the electricity demand of customers, we can provide generators with different power ranges, from small household generators to large engineering generators.

Control system customization

We can provide different control systems according to customer needs, including manual control, automatic control, remote control, etc.

Customized noise control

For customers who are sensitive to noise, we can provide low-noise generators, which use special noise-absorbing designs and sound-insulating materials to reduce operating noise.

Appearance design customization

We can provide generator appearance designs in different colors, shapes, and sizes according to customer preferences and site requirements.

Optional customization of accessories

Customers can choose generator accessories according to their needs, such as automatic switcher, fuel tank, cable, etc.

Maintenance service customization

We can provide customers with regular maintenance services, including inspection, repair, replacement of parts, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the generator.

Customized technical support

We provide customers with professional technical support, including installation guidance, use training, troubleshooting, etc., to ensure that customers can use the generator smoothly.

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