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model: DG12000SE

10kw home use super silent generator

Key Specs

engine model


Output Power


Emissions/Fuel Strategy


10kw home use super silent generator Specifications

 Engine Model


 Engine Output


 Bore x stroke

 90 x 75mm



 Compression ratio


 Engine Type

 Air Cooled; Two Cylinder

 Ignition system

 Compression combustion

 Rated frequency

 50 / 60hz

 Rated voltage

220 / 380v

 Rated output power


 Max output power




 Power factor

 1 cosθ


Three Phase


 2 x 380v

 Structure type

 Silent type

 Starting system

 Key start

 Fuel tank capacity


 Noise level


 Net/Gross weight

 225 / 230kg

 Overall dimension


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BISON is willing to provide global customers with the most timely, customized and comprehensive domestic micro 10kw home use super silent generator supply and manufacturing services with more reliable, smarter and more considerate services.

10kw home use super silent generator specification

BISON diesel silent generator can choose single-phase/three-phase to achieve ultimate quality and reliability. Due to excellent manufacturing technology, this diesel generator is ahead of other generators with a noise level that is leading in its class.

All BISON series generators are manufactured in accordance with higher specifications, and provide static as standard, and can choose on-site trailer or road trailer trailer. All generators are equipped with high-quality, close-fitting, weatherproof soundproof covers, overload protection, etc.

Digital display, which can clearly display engine status/button start/stop to monitor engine speed, frequency, voltage, running time, low oil pressure, high engine temperature and charging failure/display warning and shutdown status engine/oil pressure/temperature and fuel gauge , Battery isolation switch/emergency stop switch.


  • Switchable multi-phase power supply
  • Ultra quiet @ 60 dBA
  • 32 hours runtime @ 75% load
  • AVR installation is an indispensable standard for sensitive equipment
  • All cabinets are made of special steel to prevent corrosion
  • 1500rpm Kubota water-cooled diesel engine completes high engine temperature and low oil pressure shutdown
  • Lockable control panel housing
  • Super Silent closely fits the acoustic cabinet, with a noise level as low as 60dBA @ 7Mtrs, and is equipped with a large access door for easy maintenance
  • Brushless AVR controlled maintenance-free alternator-voltage regulation +/- 1.0%
  • Fully rated output for all 3 voltages
  • Overload protection for each individual socket
  • Emergency stop button and battery isolation switch to ensure safety
Detail image
Detail image-2

10kw home use super silent generator manufacturer


TAIZHOU BISON MACHINERY CO., LTD. BISON is an expert, manufacturer and supplier in the silent generator industry in China. Specializing in manufacturing and international business.We manufacture and exports a wide variety of generator products. 

BISON prepare to start a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship with you for 10kw home use super silent generator.

dedicated for sustainable independent power

BISON is committed to providing better and cleaner energy solutions to improve fuel consumption efficiency and at the same time bring better quality generators to customers through 10kw home use super silent generator.

reliable powerful generator sets

BISON silent generators cover all small and medium generator sets, and 10kw home use super silent generator Ideal for a variety of applications including domestic, architectural and industrial. Ideal for outages and medium duty jobs.

best-in-class painting process

BISON silent generator manufacturer has the most advanced automatic spraying/powdering production line, and is equipped with various advanced equipment to ensure higher quality during production.

complete design and quality inspection

Strict production process and testing process of 10kw home use super silent generator:

0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 110% load test; function test and protection test.

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