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model: BS-3602

portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator

Key Specs

engine model


Output Power


Emissions/Fuel Strategy

EUIIIa Emissions Compliant


portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator Specifications

 Engine type

Air-Cooled, Single-Cylinder, OHC 4-Stroke



 Ignition System


 Starting system

 Recoil/Electric start

Rated power


Max power


DC output power

12V 8.3A

 Fuel tank capacity


 Continous operating hour

6+hours @ rated load 

9.6+hours @ 1/4 load

 Noise level




 Net weight


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BISON is willing to provide global customers with the most timely, customized and comprehensive domestic micro portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator supply and manufacturing services with more reliable, smarter and more considerate services.

portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator specification

Whether you are partying in the rear of a car, camping or on the job site, the 2,300 watt inverter generator is ready for any occasion with clean and quiet power. This BISON generator has a power of 2300 watts and an operating power of 1800 watts. It has a quiet sound and is safe for most sensitive electronic equipment. This generator can be turned on or off remotely using the remote control. This inverter is equipped with idling technology to improve fuel efficiency, and the rear wheels have extended handles for easy transportation. It also has a parallel function, so when you need more power requirements, you can connect two BISON inverter generators together to double the power.

Ultra-light body weighs only 18 kg, easy to transport and store

EPA certified

Generates 2000 watts of surge watts and 1700 watts of rated power for safe charging of sensitive electronic products (mobile phones, tablets, TVs, computers, etc.).

Fuel shut-off maximizes the life of the generator by using the remaining fuel in the carburetor before shutting down.

Includes two three-prong 120V sockets, one 12V DC socket, two USB ports, one-year warranty.

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portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator manufacturer


TAIZHOU BISON MACHINERY CO., LTD. BISON is an expert, manufacturer and supplier in the silent generator industry in China. Specializing in manufacturing and international business.We manufacture and exports a wide variety of generator products. 

BISON prepare to start a long-term, mutually prosperous business relationship with you for portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator.

dedicated for sustainable independent power

BISON is committed to providing better and cleaner energy solutions to improve fuel consumption efficiency and at the same time bring better quality generators to customers through portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator.

reliable powerful generator sets

BISON silent generators cover all small and medium generator sets, and portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator Ideal for a variety of applications including domestic, architectural and industrial. Ideal for outages and medium duty jobs.

best-in-class painting process

BISON silent generator manufacturer has the most advanced automatic spraying/powdering production line, and is equipped with various advanced equipment to ensure higher quality during production.

complete design and quality inspection

Strict production process and testing process of portable 2300 watt super quiet gasoline generator:

0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 110% load test; function test and protection test.

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