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Full Manufacturing Capabilities

BISON provides complete generator production and wholesale services. Specializing in the production of high precision and complex generator.


Custom generator Fabrication

If you want a generator that is perfect and suits your specific needs. At BISON, our team can provide you with a custom designed generator to meet your needs.


Generator Wholesale & suppliers

BISON specialists offer quality generators that comply with standards at favorable prices. Our professional team provides quality services to customers worldwide.


BISON – Professional Generator Fabrication Factory in china

BISON generator provides the manufacturing service of generators for various sizes and purposes. we can meet all your needs, including portable, gasoline, inverter, silent, diesel generators and more. our engineers have rich experience and strict testing to produce the top generator!

we are equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment such as special tools. BISON manufactures only high quality generators, accessories and other essential tools for building generators.

BISON also integrates a world-class design and production team. it allows us to continuously innovate and improve our products. various industries such as commercial, industrial and personal use can benefit from our generator manufacturing.

if you need procurement of generators, please choose BISON machinery as your manufacturer!

BISON generator factory

customize generator for your project

BISON generator has full capability to customize any mobile generator through our fabrication services. we can manufacture according to your needs, usage, power (KVA), voltage (V), frequency (Hz), version, etc. our engineers can customize your order with the following services and processes:

In addition, BISON is also an expert in the fields of silent, boat, wedding, home and camping generators.

Most Popular BISON generator Manufacturers

5KW home use power generator-2

5KW home use power generator

The 5kw home diesel generator set is assembled with high-quality materials, and its displacement and power are better than similar products.

Customized generator manufacturing
for different industries

BISON can manufacture all generators for your application, just send us your requirements and get our best quote.



BISON generator manufacturer designs and develops generator sets suitable for emergency use in various public places such as schools or shopping malls.



BISON generating is specially designed for industrial applications, such as main energy supply or emergency situations.


agriculture & livestock

BISON china generator has developed a full range of generators (diesel air, water and tractor units) to meet the needs of the agricultural sector.

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why BISON is trusted by
1000+ customers

our generator OEM manufacturing brings many benefits to many industries, businesses and projects. the following are the advantages of our services.

affordable & fast production

we can produce different generators and accessories quickly. bison offers fast production while ensuring high quality. our high volume production also enables us to provide cost effective generator services.

excellent strength to eight ratio

Through our advanced generator manufacturing, we can produce lightweight and durable generator parts. We ensure that all generator products produced are of high strength, cost-effective and not easily damaged.

widely used technologies and uses

we are experts in different generator manufacturing techniques that allow us to produce complex parts with other complex features. our wide range of generators can also be adapted for personal, industrial, commercial and more.

BISON generator production applications

BISON power offers custom generator fabrication to create structures, machines and parts including:

What Our Customer Say

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